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Your Deaf Kids and the Hearing World
May 30, 2016

by J. Parrish Lewis

The other day I was asked by a father who cares very much about his daughter how he could help her deal with the struggles of communicating with hearing people during everyday activities. As he put it, he is concerned about her “transition into adulthood” without his being there to help.

As a father of three children, although all are hearing, I truly understand where this concern comes from. It is a valid worry for any parent. The fact that he cares enough to even think about this is a testament to his devotion toward his child, and I appreciate that. I’m sure you do, too.

Don’t rely on a technological device that can and will break to be the only bridge to communication.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to interact with hearing people in all walks of life, including those that do not sign, which is honestly most of them. The community assumes that I can hear, that I must be hard of hearing, but the truth is that I’m as deaf as anyone I know.

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