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March 22, 2016
By Dr. Karon Lynn, Au.D.

The people who visit an audiologist usually go because of a difficulty understanding speech. It is rare to have someone come into the clinic to have an evaluation because they primarily need to hear the sound of their car or to hear the newspaper rattle louder. Speech clarity or word understanding is what people with hearing loss request assistance for.

The Social Wall

The sounds that we make with our mouth are some of the same “sounds” that are made in the environment. As a hearing loss progresses, the hearing impaired individual will slowly lose touch with the non-speech sounds and activities in their vicinity. Background activity gives people a tremendous amount of information and should become part of the desire by the person with a hearing loss. People who only want to hear what their wife is saying from the other room and nothing more are not aware of the plethora of sounds that enhanced their life. This change in connection to the outside world occurs so slowly that people with a gradual hearing loss are not aware of the wall between them and the world.

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