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By Marla Dougherty  6/23/11

I stopped by the Starkey booth and spoke with Jason Horowitz to see what was new with this 44 year old company. Jason was eager to tell me about the Wi series and new Sound Lens, the latest in invisible hearing aids.

Wi Series: This Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid is designed to give improved sound clarity even in noisy situations. What I found interesting about the product is that it can wirelessly stream stereo, TV and computer directly to the hearing aid without any relay device worn around the neck. It does so by using a new wireless integrated circuit platform, which Jason explained was better than BlueTooth technology and about three times faster.
Sound Lens: This is Starkey’s new hearing aid that sits inside the second bend of the ear canal. Depending on the user’s ear anatomy, it won’t be visible. Unlike the Lyric, the digital Sound Lens can be removed daily and allows the user to change the battery. Memory and volume adjustments can be made remotely using any touch tone phone.