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Ivy Sahneyah is from Arizona, and she is a sophomore and she’s in her second year of GU cross country and Track & Field.

Kevlasha Humphrey is from Jackonsville, Illinois. She will graduate this May with a Bachelors in Social Work. She’s in her third year of GU cross country and track & field.

LaQuita Carroll is born and raised in Alabama. She’s currently a junior, and studying a degree in social work. She’s in her third year of GU cross country and track & field.

All three ladies are Deaf-Blind, and they all love to run. Cross country is their thing, and they’re not afraid to say so. To look into the minds of these great runners, I sat down with them for an interview.

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California School of the Deaf football team stuns league to win title,
nearly lands spot in sectional championship

By Cameron Smith, Sports 11/29/2012

See the full story and a video (signed, with captions):

They are a growing football powerhouse, the kind that uses both physicality and skill to stir fear in any foe. They have a small roster -- just 19 players suit up for the varsity football squad -- and are smaller in stature than nearly any opponent, with no player reaching even 200 pounds, let alone the 300 often breached by top linemen. ...continue reading "California School for the Deaf Wins League Title"