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Deaf Independent Residences, Inc.
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April 2013


HUD Section 202/8 housing available. Deaf Independent Residences II, Inc. is announcing three units in Berlin, Maryland and Deaf Independent Residences III, Inc. is announcing the opening of four units in Easton, Maryland.

The units are rent subsidized and include utilities. They are available to adults willing to share a home. Each individual will have their own bedroom and share a bathroom, kitchen and living areas. Each home is equipped for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

The eligibility requirements to rent a room in one of DIR houses are as follows:

The applicant is 62 years old or over or is 18 years old or over and has a documented disability. Anyone under the age of 18 years may not rent a unit under any circumstances.
The applicant’s annual income meets the low and very low income level guidelines, established by HUD.
The applicant is a United States citizen or eligible immigration status.
The applicant must have a clear Criminal Background Check. Applicants who have been charged with drug related crimes (under the “One Strike” rule); or who were evicted from another federally assisted housing site for drug related criminal activity; or use illegal drugs; or are classified sex offenders will be not be accepted.
The applicant must be willing to share the common areas of the house.

All requirements must be met. DIR is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider. If interested, please call 410-742-5052 V/TTY or email or

Laura A. Jones, Administrative Assistant
Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. (DILA)
806 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD 21804
410-742-5052 (V/TTY) 410-543-4874 Fax 443-365-2647 VP

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