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By Marla Dougherty  6/30/11

The friendly people at QuickCaption were pleased to share information about all the captioning services they have been providing for 12 years. They have 103 contractors that provide captioning nationwide and offer CART, remote CART, video/DVD captioning and streaming media captioning.

Last November I experienced remote CART at the HLAA Walk4Hearing in Washington DC.  Walkers with a smart phone or iPad could enjoy the streaming of live CART if they were too far away to see the remote CART.  By going to the QuickCaption homepage and clicking on the HLAA event, they had instant streaming of the speeches.

QuickCaption makes it easy for you to get a copy of the event transcript. On their website you can copy and paste the transcript once the program is over. The information remains “live” on the website for about 15 minutes. After that, it is archived and the text can be mailed to you.