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Dear NVAD members and friends,

There will be a state wide rally conducted by Deaf Grassroots Movement-Virginia in 7 cities on Thursday, October 20, from 10 am to 2 pm. DGM-VA chose Fairfax to represent Northern Virginia. Timothy Lavelle is willing to take the lead for the Fairfax rally which will be held at the City Hall in the city of Fairfax between Rt 123 and University Blvd and will need volunteers to march and make noises. We will need to make some signs. The main focus is "Deaf Equal Access Now". Please take the time to read the letter and look at all three attachments from Deborah McKague who is the secretary of DGM-VA and an activist. Please share this (forward with attachments) with your friends and organizations.
Tim can be reached at 571-350-8029 VP, FT or Glide.
Thank you very much,
Jeanne Lavelle