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By Marla Dougherty  6/23/11

If moisture and perspiration are causing your hearing aids to cut out, Ear Gear may be the solution. I spoke with Mark Rosal who is the developer of the Ear Gear spandex sleeve. Mark explained that Ear Gear was designed to protect hearing aids, cochlear implant processers and Bahas against dirt, moisture and chafing.  The hand washable sleeve comes in 8 colors and average cost is $25. 95. About 50{31ab897a4370feb218155abc15d7b38f5bba01528a749bd66fe114ec092a63fc} of his sales are to adults who enjoy running, hiking and other recreational sports.

The Ear Gear Original with cord and clip is perfect for young children who are adjusting to their new hearing aids and may have trouble keeping them in and losing them. The sleeve fits over even the tiniest instruments and attaches to clothing.  

I asked Mark if the double-wall spandex construction interferes with the hearing aid microphone.  He explained it was acoustically transparent and therefore had no effect on directionality. Ear Gear has a one year guarantee and return policy.