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By Bonnie O'Leary  6/21/11

 I spent some extra time talking to Representative Joanna Hershner, since my own audiologist has recommended that I consider a Phonak for my severe-profound hearing loss. Joanna emphasized the benefits of their SoundRecover technology which has been available across the Phonak line for the past two years

This technology compresses and shifts high frequency sounds into adjacent areas of audible listening. This in turn allows improved perception of consonant information (those high frequency sounds we have so much trouble with!) without distorting the low sounds. It’s like changing key in music.

What’s interesting about the studies that have been done on SoundRecover is that 71{31ab897a4370feb218155abc15d7b38f5bba01528a749bd66fe114ec092a63fc} of users reported a significant improvement in understanding speech in noise.

Phonak’s new “Spice Generation” line of hearing aids offers Premium, Advanced and Economy models. Each category offers some form of zoom control and stereo zoom. The Naida S IX, a Premium model, also offers a “Duophone” feature which lets the user hear a voice on the phone in both ears. It can also be paired with the Phonak TVLink, one of several wireless products in the Phonak line, bringing the TV sound directly to the hearing aid. To learn more about what Phonak has to offer, visit their website at