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Can this dance help settle the controversial debate on how to raise Deaf Children?

Buzz Feed
posted on May 25, 2016,

A Symbol Of Progress

When Dancing With the Stars awarded Nyle the Mirror Ball on the 22nd Dancing With the Stars Finale, it felt like the right end to an inspirational season for millions of viewers. There’s no doubt that the victory- and the wildly popular Nyle DiMarco - gave the Deaf Community a watershed moment. A symbol of progress, but perhaps not the kind you might think.

If comedian Chris Rock were bold enough to make a Deaf joke, he might say something similar to what he said when Barack Obama was first elected president in 2008, disagreeing with people who said it was a sign of “black progress”.

"That’s not black progress. That’s white progress. There’s been black people qualified to be president for hundreds of years."

Nyle made the DWTS finals because he took the kind of risks that many of the other celebrity amateur dancers would never take week in and week out. He danced without music one week, blindfolded the next, and with a male (a DWTS first) in a different week.

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E -TV Scoop
Tue, Mar 8, 2016

Nyle DiMarco is the second-ever deaf contestant on Dancing With the Stars—which makes it especially important that he and professional partner Peta Murgatroyd are able to communicate incredibly well.

The new pair have been rehearsing for about a week already, and Peta tells E! News' Erin Lim after the DWTS season 22 cast's big reveal on Good Morning Americ that she's begun to learn American Sign Language. "It's been so interesting and such a great learning experience. We've had six days to get to know one another. I'm learning sign language now," she tells us.

But she and Nyle are already connecting on a very deep level. "I love the connection that we have because it's so visual," Peta says. "It's so much more trusting in a sense because we both rely on each other so much because he can't hear the music."

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