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Nashua police officer's hearing loss can't slow him down
By Kimberly Houghton, Union Leader 3/24/2013

When Sgt. Joseph Molinari of the Nashua Police Department began experiencing hearing complications a decade ago at the age of 37, he admits it was a little frightening and quite unsettling.

"At first it just seemed like I had some water or bubbling in my ear, and I was given an antihistamine and told it would get better," said Molinari.

Months later the ear problem persisted and had also extended to his other ear, prompting Molinari to seek advice from multiple experts.

"Everyone I talked to said I was too young to be having hearing issues, but one doctor finally noticed that was the actual problem," he said.

Now, at the age of 47, the city police sergeant has finally found a hearing device that works well for his job and has helped him overcome his hearing challenges.

Molinari says he has been lucky, and the hearing loss in both his ears hasn't affected his policing abilities thanks to the helpful devices he calls earbuds.

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