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From, 4/11/2012

Bidirectional Access Promotion Society (BAPSI) has released an Android app called PocketSMS that allows visually impaired and hearing impaired individuals to send and read text messages (SMS) from their phones.
How It Works:
The app converts the incoming text message into short and long vibration pulses, representing the dots and dashes in Morse code respectively. Users can sense these vibration pulses to read the SMS.
Morse Trainer:
In case any user is not familiar with Morse Code, Bapsi also offers a Morse Trainer Android app which enables users to learn Morse code on their mobile phones. Once an alphabet is written in Morse Trainer’s text box, the app vibrates in short and long vibrations corresponding to dots and dashes of the morse code.    ...continue reading "PocketSMS Lets Visually and Hearing Impaired Individuals Send, Receive SMS"