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 Let’s Put Laurent Clerc 
and Abbé de l’Épée on the Map

By Alice L. HagemeyerAbbé de l’Épée laurent-clerc1

Let’s put two remarkable educators:  Laurent Clerc and Abbé de l’Épée on the US map and the world as well.  Gallaudet University has been a leader in deaf education and will celebrate its 150th anniversary on April 8, 2014.  Happy Birthday!

Why should we? Well there is an estimated 119,987 libraries of all kinds and 38,225,590 deaf people with various hearing levels in America who have the right to know about existing deaf resources, especially those that are related to Gallaudet University and the history of deaf education.

Also there are many Gallaudet alumni and supporters who already know about library values to preserve deaf history and have prior experience with deaf cultural programming.  Some of them would be delighted to be invited by local libraries and OSDs (organizations serving the deaf) as collaborative partners to give a talk about their alma mater Gallaudet University and about the two famed educators who made America great:  Laurent Clerc and Abbé de l’Épée.


The FOLDA KIT: Laurent Clerc and Gallaudet University, written and compiled by the Gallaudet Class of 1957 with Alice L. Hagemeyer, is a fundraiser for Gallaudet Archives. We will sell only 500 copies.  First come, first served.

This Kit includes the following information documents and posters.  8.5” x 11”

(1) Laurent Clerc: Apostle of the Deaf in America; (2) Laurent Clerc: Some Questions You May Never Have Thought to Ask; (3) Why Gallaudet University Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Laurent Clerc and Thomas H. Gallaudet; (4) Gallaudet University: Chronological Timeline; (5) The Year that Changed Kendall Green: Nineteen Fifty-Seven (1957); (6)  American Gratitude  (National Association of the Deaf); (7)  Abbé Charles-Michel de l’Épée;(8) Jean Boutcher, Deaf Artist of two posters: Clerc and Abbé; (9) Acknowledgments; and (10)  Open Letter to Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz, 10th President of Gallaudet University and his response; (11). Poster: National Deaf History Month, March 13 – April 15; (2) Poster: Clerc-Gallaudet Week, December 3-9; (3) Poster: Deaf America Reads; (4) Poster Laurent Clerc and (5) Poster Abbé de l’Épée

TO ORDER THE KIT:   Each folder costs 10 dollars and each binder 25 dollars.  Add $3 for shipping. The binder includes the folder and sheet protectors.  

Make checks payable to Library for Deaf Action and mail to 2930 Craiglawn Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904-1816.  We also welcome contributions $5 or more; they will be acknowledged.     Remember we sell only 500. First come, first served.


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