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BLOG: Hear Better With Hearing Loss
by Katherine Bouton
JANUARY 14, 2015

This post first appeared on my blog “Healthy Hearing” on the AARP website, on January 14, 2015. Because the AARP blog is difficult to subscribe to, you can subscribe to this blog by pressing the “Follow” button below right. You will receive a brief email notice when I put up a new post and you can read the post either here or at Healthy Hearing. 


Boomers and beyond: It may be time to face up to the fact that you probably have hearing loss. An estimated 48 million Americans do, and 55 percent of them are under the age of 60. It’s easy to ignore, but your life will be much better if you don’t.

Like many people, I spent years — decades! — denying that my hearing loss was a problem. It came on suddenly and strongly, so I couldn’t deny its existence. But I did a good job of denying that it interfered with my work and relationships.

Most people lose their hearing gradually and may not even realize it. It’s easy to forget that many visual things also have sound. Do you hear the leaves rustle as you walk in the fall? Do you leave the water running in the sink because you don’t hear it? If your spouse tosses off a remark as he or she walks out of the room, do you dismiss it as something you weren’t meant to hear anyway?

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