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WGBH - Boston
April 13, 2015

Dave Fortier was about to finish his first marathon.

“As I was looking at the arches and looking where I was going to be going, that’s when everything changed,” he said.

As the first bomb went off, he saw a huge flash of light off to his left.

“I was knocked sideways," he said. "I ended up on the ground over near the grandstands, with just this muffled noise and this ringing in my ears.”

He could see people screaming. But he couldn’t hear them.

“I did see the second explosion," he said. "I did feel it, but I really couldn’t hear it. It sounded like a distant gunshot.”

At some point, Fortier looked down and saw a pool of blood forming around his foot. He’d been hit by shrapnel. He was taken to the hospital.

"They were sewing me up, and I still remember talking to the doctors about my — about the noise, this ringing, when does it go away?" he said. "And they said, 'Yeah, it should be gone within a couple of days.' And it is still as loud today as it was two years ago."

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