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Hearing What the Bad Guys Say

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I have a recurring nightmare. Technically I suppose it’s not a nightmare because I fret about this while I’m awake, not when I’m sleeping.

I worry about being caught in a bank robbery – not doing the robbery, but being in the bank just when  Jesse James’ great-great-grandson decides to carry on the family trade.  When I’m nervous or agitated, my hearing tends to drop; people with hearing loss just don’t cope well in hold-ups.  Hearing people are much better at it.

To give you a idea of what we go through, here’s an excerpt from the opening monologue . . . More


By Marla Doughtery 6/21/11

I talked with Christy Hanson, Marketing Manager for the Academy, who was excited to share the news with our readers that, in April of this year, the AAA’s new Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification was launched. This specialty focuses on “The Whole Child – The Whole Picture”, and audiologists with this certification will become primary referral destinations for children with audio-vestibular disorders and hearing loss. This new specialty is open to all audiologists, not just members of AAA, and is in addition to their cochlear implant specialty certification.

Christy also directed me to, a user-friendly web site which offers topics about hearing health for consumers. Through this site consumers can locate the “Find an Audiologist” directory, and consumer-friendly articles from Audiology Today.
AAA is the world’s largest professional organization of, by, and for audiologists. Founded in 1988, it has 11,000 members and its main office is in Reston, VA. Their phone number is 1-800-AAA-2336.

AAA is supporting two legislative issues: the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act, and the Medicare Hearing Health Care Enhancement Act of 2011. The latter would allow Medicare beneficiaries the option of going directly to a qualified audiologist for hearing and balance diagnostic tests. Currently, Medicare requires that beneficiaries with hearing loss or balance disorders obtain a physician referral before seeing an audiologist. If you’re interested in more information about AAA, visit their website at, or contact Christy at