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Workshop: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will host a workshop in Washington, DC on April 18, 2017 to examine several crucial issues raised by hearing health and technology, particularly hearing aids and devices with similar functions and features. The workshop will bring together researchers, health care providers, industry representatives, consumer representatives, policymakers, and others to examine ways in which enhanced competition and innovation might increase the availability and adoption of hearing aids by those consumers who need them.

The daylong workshop, which is free and open to the public, will be held at the Constitution Center, 400 7th St. SW, Washington, DC 20024. Pre-registration is advised. A detailed agenda will be published at a later date. Information about reasonable accommodations is available on the conference website. A live webcast of the workshop will be available on the day of the event.
For more information please visit the workshop website.

Source: HLAA-DC Chapter


Jan 13, 2016

Three simple habits may be the key to better hearing this year.

Contributed by Debbie Clason, staff writer for Healthy Hearing | Monday, January 11th, 2016

If you’ve resolved to get healthier in 2016, you’re in good company. Of the top ten New Year’s resolutions in 2015, three of them were health related. Naturally, as hearing health advocates we want you to consider including specific hearing health resolutions on your list. Didn’t make one this year? No worries — it’s not too late. The following habits are healthy for your ears no matter what time of year you decide to adopt them.

It's the second week of the New Year! If you're still looking for a few worthy goals, consider focusing on these three habits for healthy hearing in 2016!

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New study connects sound deprivation to permanent hearing loss
Don't wait to seek medical attention if you're experiencing temporary hearing loss due to ear infection or cold. 

Five reasons to take your hearing health seriously in 2016
Hearing loss is connected to your overall health and well-being in ways you might not realize. Here are five hearing-related health issues that may make you think about getting your hearing tested.

Be an advocate for hearing health
Whether you or your loved one has hearing loss or not, we can all be advocates for hearing health awareness. Let's make hearing loss a priority in 2016!

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Treatment may be costly, but ignoring a hearing problem could be worse.

US NEWS & World Report
By Lacie Glover

Life can be difficult for the hearing impaired, and is often accompanied by isolation and increased social anxiety. Even though hearing loss is a common problem with many available treatment options, most people let it go for more than 10 years before seeking a hearing aid, according to a Health Technology Assessment out of the United Kingdom in 2007.

"Hearing loss is invisible and insidious. I don't think people really think about that," says audiologist Deborah Berndtson, spokeswoman for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. According to ASHA, about 17 percent of Americans report partial hearing loss, but only 1 in 5 seeks help for it.


A hearing problem, whether you know about it or not, can often lead to unintended consequences, Berndtson says. Professionals in the workforce who don't treat hearing loss "will often suffer financially. They won't get that raise or promotion because they're not hearing well," she says. Whether the perception is that they don't understand what's going on or that they don't address their communication strategies, "people will see that. They miss out."

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Health Is More than Eating your Veggies:

This workshop follows the Whole Health Action Management curriculum and
allows you to explore ways to improve your physical, emotional,
spiritual and mental health through positive life choices.

Class will be held for three weeks and taught in ASL

Dates: April 9, 16, 23
Time: 6-8:30 (including dinner, which will be provided free of charge)
Place: Prince William County Complex, 5 County Complex, Woodbridge, VA 22192
Register online at:

For more information contact CW Tillman at




HHF March E-News

Where in the World are my Closed Captions?

Have you noticed the recent buzz about closed-captioning? Just last week, the FCC introduced quality rules for closed captions (CC) on television: TV broadcasters and other video programming distributors now must ensure that captions meet the following quality standards:

  • Accuracy: Captions must be grammatically correct and provide essential non-verbal information.
  • Synchronicity: Captions must coincide as closely as possible with the audio.
  • Completeness: The entire program should be captioned.
  • Placement: Captions should be viewable, legible and not block important on-screen information.

While a great step forward for TV, the Internet still lags behind. In a recent Time article, Steve Friess a hearing impaired journalist wrote a complaint against the Internet's inaccessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. As Steve watched the live-stream unveiling of the new Apple Watch, he realized there were no captions and was frustrated because Apple is often admired for creating devices that break down barriers for people with disabilities. By not providing CC, millions of people with hearing loss could not watch the event in real-time. Next month, HHF is meeting with Apple executives to discuss ways they can offer support for people with hearing loss and promote prevention. If you have a message you would like us to share directly with Apple, please email us.

Similarly, The New York Times thinks requesting CC for's videos is "an extremely reasonable request" and plans to roll out CC in the coming months. To read about one person's recent challenge with CC at the movies, check out a blog post
written by HHF Board Chair, Shari Eberts.

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(BPT) - Think you might have hearing loss? It turns out procrastinating about that hearing test appointment may put more than just your hearing at risk. Primary care doctors now know hearing loss may be a symptom of another, more serious medical condition.
Over the past decade, studies have linked hearing loss to three concerning co-morbidities:
Cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Poor cardiovascular health causes inadequate blood flow throughout the body.

Read more from Journal Sentinel:


PAH: Providing Access to Healthcare and Community Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing; sponsored by Potomac Health Foundation

"Nothing Taste As Good As Being Healthy Feels"
This interactive and FUN workshop will educate participants about how to make healthy and TASTY changes to their lives.

Presented in ASL by Christine Gannon; a nationally know health educator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Date: May 17th
Time: 1-4
Cost: FREE
Lorton Library
9520 Richmond Highway
Lorton, VA 22079-2124

Requests for Spoken English, or other accommodations must be received by May 7th.

RSVP to Shelly Thompson at or call the office at 703-496-7773

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Did you know that health care reform means people without insurance can start enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace on October 1?

Health Care Reform PDF Handout

Virginia Organizing wants to make sure that people all over Virginia know about the new Health Insurance Marketplace and we think you can help!


We’ve come up with a few helpful tips on how to talk to your family members and friends about health care while you’re waiting for the burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers to finish cooking! You can also take a look at our helpful flyer by clicking here.


Thanks for your help on getting the word out about health care reform and the new benefits for thousands and thousands of people!


Virginia Organizing’s Helpful Tips for Talking About Health Insurance

A New Year of Hearing Health

By Gael Hannan, Hearing Health Matters 1/1/2013

Are you tired of reading other people’s resolutions for the coming year? Personally, I’m saturated with the chest-thumping declarations, no matter how brilliantly written, that have been popping up everywhere – in the newspaper, on Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media. I just can’t do any more new year’s resolutions, including mine.

So I’ve decided to scrap my original plan for this first blog of 2013.  I was planning to review my success, if any, in honoring last year’s hearing health commitments to myself, and maybe declare a few more for this year.

 …aw, what the heck…

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