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July 7, 2016

Genetics of Deafness offers a journey through areas crucial for understanding the causes and effects of hearing loss. It covers such topics as the latest approaches in diagnostics and deafness research and the current status and future promise of gene therapy for hearing restoration. The book begins by bringing attention to how hearing loss affects the individual and society. Methods of hearing loss detection and management throughout the lifespan are highlighted as is a particularly new development in newborn hearing screening. The challenges of hearing loss, an extremely heterogeneous impairment, are addressed.  Read more . . . Genetics of Deafness 

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From Center for Hearing and Communication, 12/2012

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University of South Florida's Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research announced an extraordinary discovery last week: a gene associated with age-related hearing loss. Abnormalities in this gene result in a very specific type of hearing loss that presents symptoms in middle age.

Someday, doctors may be able to correct the gene and prevent this type of hearing loss from occurring. Until then, the Center for Hearing and Communication recommends that you take these steps to address your hearing issues, especially if you think you might have familial hearing loss:

  • Get an annual hearing screening and discuss your family history with your audiologist
  • Protect your hearing from noise so that you can maximize the hearing you retain
  • Wear hearing aids, if needed, so you can stay healthy and connected to life.

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