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World Teacher’s Day – October 5

Invest in the future, Invest in teachers   Sponsored by the UNESCO and its partners

Library friends groups and organizations serving deaf diversity (OSDD) are urged to help the world’s libraries celebrate today as World Teacher’s Day.  They may also continue to celebrate it until December 10 – the day when the United Nations will proclaim as International Year of Human Rights.

Incidentally, FOLDA will continue buzzing the 150th anniversary of Gallaudet University recognizing its impact on the global education of deaf people of all ages.

On April 8, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Enabling Act for the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb (incorporated 1857) authorizing it to grant college-level degrees – the beginning of what is now Gallaudet University.

And we are to continue paying tribute to three notable teaching pioneers -- Abbé de l’Épée, hearing teacher, advocate of the manual alphabet and language of conventional signs and who started the first school for the deaf in the world in Paris in 1760s; Laurent Clerc (deaf) and Thomas H. Gallaudet (hearing), the two visionary leaders in the field of American deaf education and who with Dr. Mason Fitch Cogswell, hearing parent of the deaf child, Alice Cogswell, co-founded the first permanent public school for deaf children – the first of this kind – in America on April 15, 1817. This school and some other schools for the deaf have been investing in the future and deaf teachers.

Individuals and groups wishing to pay tribute to the late teacher (deaf or hearing) at their school or within local communities may consider donating a copy of the FOLDA KIT: Laurnt Clerc and Gallaudet University to the library of their choice in their honor.

This FOLDA KIT is a fundraiser by the Gallaudet Class of 1957 for Gallaudet archives.   The cost is 25 dollars for the packet alone or 45 dollars for the packet with the binder, 20 sheet protectors and a complimentary poster of George Veditz, by famed Deaf artist, Nancy Rourke.   Add $5.00 for delivery cost.   Make checks payable to FOLDA and mail to 2930 Craiglawn Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904-1816.   Many of you already bought one and we sincerely thank you and will appreciate your help to spread the word about it.

The packet includes two color prints of Laurent Clerc and Abbé de l’Épée, by famed Deaf artist, Jean Boutcher and also an illustration of Laurent Clerc and T.H. Gallaudet on the ship on their way to America from France in 1816, by famed Deaf artist, Ruth Peterson.   All sized 11” x 8.5”

 Clerc Gallaudet Week -- December  3 – 10


The week was initiated as Deaf Awareness Week in 1974 by the D.C. Public Library in cooperation with the National Association of the Deaf and the DC community; its actual purpose was to acquaint the public with deaf people and to inform deaf people about library services

Today the purpose of the week is to celebrate birth anniversaries of the first two visionary leaders in the field of American Deaf Education who were born in December: Laurent Clerc on December 26, 1785 and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet on December 10, 1787.  Also during the week, the public will be observing December 3 as the International Year of People with Disabilities and December 10 as the International Year of Human Rights.


During the week or beyond, OSDD (organizations serving deaf diversity) may display their deaf resources to the public, at the malls, festival sites or anywhere that will draw big crowds.  They may also form partnerships with their local public library for presenting deaf cultural programs.  The goal may be to promote awareness and mobilize support of the public for critical issues in American deaf education and human rights of deaf diversity.

Academic, school and public Libraries as well as OSDD having plans to celebrate the week or beyond will please email announcements to FOLDA.

FOLDA also welcomes stories from the public about their experience with deaf cultures and about libraries changing lives.

In December we will make a list of donors of FOLDA KIT.  Also the name of teachers and the related they plan to donate to the library.

Editor: Alice L. Hagemeyer
FOLDA President

Creator of the Two Series:
I Made America Great and Bridging Deaf Cultures
One of the 15 Gallaudet visionary leaders, honored during the 150th anniversary of Gallaudet University, celebrated from September 2013 to November 2014