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Tuesday, 26 July, 2016

National Disability Institute (NDI) announced today the launch of its grassroots campaign, DISABLE POVERTY, which aims to increase awareness about the nearly one in three Americans with disabilities that live in poverty and remain outside the economic mainstream.

The two overarching goals of the campaign, to be achieved in the next 10 years, are to:

  • DECREASE the number of working-age adults with disabilities living in poverty by 50 percent, and
  • INCREASE the use of mainstream banking products and services among Americans with disabilities by 50 percent.

"As we celebrate the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act today, I can think of no better time to bring awareness to the plight of seven million individuals with disabilities in this country who live in poverty, and the millions more who teeter just above the poverty line and are one unexpected expense away from plunging below it," Michael Morris, National Disability Institute Executive Director, said. "As a nation, it is time to elevate and amplify the conversation around this issue and work towards shared prosperity for all Americans.”

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