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by Sarahbeth Ackerman
Feb 12, 2015

For many young people, cranking up the music is what everyone's doing. And, the louder it gets, the better.  But, your ears may pay the price later on. Many health experts are urging music lovers to dial down the volume. Recent research suggests there could be link between using ear buds and mild hearing loss in teens. Because what you do now will affect you for years to come. And, there's no turning back.

"Often times small amounts of hearing loss can be kind of subtle. And, not necessarily right away," says Dr. Brian Nicholas, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences with Upstate University Hospital.

People who pop ear buds in for extended periods of time could be at risk for long-term damage. While you won't have any noticeable signs immediately, the damage could creep up.

You may find yourself turning the volume up on your TV or phone, those are important warning signs.

If that happens to you, your ear is sending you a signal.

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