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Better Hearing Consumer
By Gael Hannan

People with hearing loss bluff.  It’s what we do, a basic fact of our lives. We pretend to understand what’s being said and what new direction the conversation is heading (if we got it in the first place), whereas in reality we have lost the connection and so we fake it.

It’s not that we want to bluff.  Exactly the opposite—we’d love to be fully engaged with what other people are saying, in the exact moment they’re saying it. Unfortunately, our reliance on visual speech cues makes it difficult to follow the ping-pong nature of conversation or when background noise obliterates speech sounds.

For the record, I am vehemently opposed to bluffing. It’s dishonest to other people and counter-productive to our own well-being. Yet in spite of my personal vendetta against bluffing, I still do it. Yep, ignoring my own best intentions, I bluff.  Like last night at a house party; people were gathered around the living room playing  . . . Read more . . .How to Bluff Like a Pro