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Rochester, N.Y. - Local Wegmans Food Markets have begun installing induction hearing loop stations at its stores at pharmacy counters, customer service desks and designated checkout lanes to assist customers with hearing loss.

17 stores currently have these hearing assistance systems, including at least one store in each of the six states where Wegmans operates.

More stations will be added in 2016, working toward a goal of having hearing loop systems in all stores by the end of the year.

"The beauty of induction loops is that they're so unobtrusive," said Matt Sawyer, whose information technology team at Wegmans is working on the installation project. "They help those who can benefit, while others in the area are usually unaware of the hearing loop's presence. Those with hearing loss don't have to ask others to speak up because the system helps them hear speech more clearly."

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WHEC, Rochester, NY
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By: Amanda Ciavarri



Cult of Mac
By David Pierini
June 9,2015

The best Beats headphones can’t help you if your ears are unable to hear certain subtle sounds. You can crank up the volume, but that only puts your hearing in peril.

The creators of Aumeo want to change the way you listen to music with an audio device that profiles your hearing – testing it with a smartphone app to find the frequency suited for each level – and offers sound-rich audio that lets you take your thumb off the volume button.

A person’s hearing is as unique as their fingerprints, but electronic audio devices provide more of a “one-size-fits-all” range of volume, according to Aumeo co-founder Paul Lee.

“We all hear differently and are sensitive to different sounds,” Lee said in written statement Tuesday. “With today’s . . . devices, consumers turn up the volume to hear more clearly.”

The result is widespread hearing loss, according to the Center for Disease Control, which estimated 5.2 million children and adolescents (aged 6-19) and 26 million adults (aged 20-69) suffer permanent damage from excessive exposure to noise. The CDC urges volume control on music to reduce risk.

Aumeo, which launched Tuesday on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo, claims its device can provide sound clarity without sacrificing hearing or audio quality. In the first five hours, Aumeo raised more than $30,000 en route to well exceeding a goal of $40,000.

The brushed-metal, pocket-sized square gadget connects with any audio device by either cable or a Bluetooth wireless connection and can work with Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Netflix and other media services, not just your personal audio files.

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