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by Marla Dougherty 6/21/11

I spoke with Michael Abramowitz, the President and CEO of Amplicom USA about their latest products. The booth had several samples of telecommunication products like the PowerTel 580, an amplified cordless phone with built in answering machine and message playback through the handset or speaker. They also had a Vibration Pillow that vibrates when you receive an incoming call and a neck loop that is easy to plug in for listening to calls through your T-coil.

I found the wireless vibrating wrist shaker very interesting. It will alert you to incoming calls and allows you to remotely answer calls in speaker phone mode. Another feature on the wrist shaker is a large red button for automatically dialing emergency numbers.

Amplicom’s analog alarm clock has a bright, flashing LED light and 3 different alarm types. The wireless bed shaker or vibrating pad receives the signal up to 150 feet away, which means it will work even if you are napping on the couch.