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Assistive Devices

Caption Phone

Telephone Amplifiers and Amplified TelephonesAmplifiers are devices that can be added to an existing corded telephone to increase the volume.

Amplified telephones have amplifiers built-in to increase the volume.  Many also have tone adjustment, which allow the user to adjust the pitch, helping to clarify the sound.  These are available in corded and cordless versions.

Telephone Amplifiers and Amplified Telephones

AL10 Signaler

Signaling Devices
These are devices that amplify the sound of the ring of the telephone or doorbell, or that replace the ring with a flashing light or a vibrating device.

Personal Amplifiers
These are devices for one-on-one or small group communication that help to increase the volume of the conversation.  They might also be helpful for listening to to the television or radio.

Music and Television
These devices that help block out background noise to make listening to music and television easier.

Compact C TTY

Technology Assistance Program (TAP)
Learn about the state program that assists Virginia residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or speech disabled in getting telephone and signaling equipment they need to be more independent.