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Hearing Aids
How do you know if you might need a hearing aid?  What should you look for when choosing a hearing aid?  Should you work with an audiologist or a hearing aid specialist?  What is a telecoil, and should you get one in your hearing aid?  For information on these questions and more, click here. 

Cochlear Implants
How does a Cochlear Implant work? Am I ready for a Cochlear Implant? How do I get a Cochlear Implant? Does insurance cover Cochlear Implants? For information on these questions, click here.

NVRC's Assistive Technology Demonstration Center
NVRC has an Assistive Technology Demonstration Center. We have devices on display that are designed to enhance the quality of life for persons with hearing loss. This gives you an opportunity for a hands-on experience with the equipment before you buy.  click here for more information.

Virginia Technology Assistance Program
The Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH) established the Technology Assistance Program (TAP) to provide assistance to Virginia residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, or speech-impaired in getting the telephone equipment they need to stay or become more independent. Click Here 
or download PDF Fact Sheet  for more information.

Relay Services
What is the Relay Service?  How does it work?  Who uses the Relay?
For answers to these questions and more, click here.

NVRC Fact Sheets
Check out our Fact Sheets on Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants, and more!