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Actress Marlee Matlin Responds To Trump’s Insults To The Deaf Community



October 17, 2016|
By Claire Hannum

Last week, three former Celebrity Apprentice staffers revealed to the Daily Beast that Donald Trump, who hosted the show, regularly mocked former contestant Marlee Matlin on set. The Oscar-winning actress, who is deaf, appeared on the series in 2011 and ended the season in second place.

The staffers shared that, horrifically, Trump's insults focused on the fact that Matlin is deaf. “He took her deafness as a some kind of [mental] handicap," one source explained to the Daily Beast, describing that Trump would talk down to Matlin during boardroom scenes on the show. In a scene that did not air on the final cut of the series, Trump allegedly made an offensive comment to Matlin's face about her being deaf. Reportedly, Matlin boldly stood up for herself, but it's unfortunate that she was in a position in which she even had to.

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