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Beginning Cued Speech Class Taught in ASL, October 6-9!



Cue Camp Virginia is offering the adult Beginning Cued Speech taught in American Sign Language by Hilary Franklin, a NCSA*- Certified Instructor. Cued Speech is not a language; it is a finite system that you can learn in one weekend. See how manual cues combine with the mouth movements of spoken American English to visually represent all the sounds of the language. Cued Speech clearly and unambiguously shows all consonant and vowel sounds, as well as the rhythm, stress and prosody of spoken American English.

Discover how Cued Speech can enable your deaf/HoH child to access spoken language and literacy. Attend a fun-filled family learning weekend at Cue Camp Virginia. Connect with other families, professionals and deaf adults to learn about research documenting the many benefits of this phonemic system. Camp is October 6-9, 2016 (Columbus Day weekend) and is held at the beautiful Jamestown 4-H Educational Center on the James River in Williamsburg, VA. For more information, see the website of the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association,, and click on the Cue Camp 2016 tab at the top right.

(*National Cued Speech Association)