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Grumpy About Hearing Loss? Get Over It



By Gael Hannan 

Does any of this sound familiar?

This hearing loss thing’s the pits.  

I can’t enjoy a decent meal in a restaurant because it’s too noisy.  

Hearing technology took a chunk out of my money, so you’d think that those guys would make ‘em work better. 

Family dinners are a noise-fest, everybody trying to out-loud the next guy – while I’m left out of the conversation. Damn near grabbed the turkey and went to my room for some peaceful eating. 

People mumble. When I tell them to speak clearer, they roll their eyes and then repeat it slowly, drawing out the words like I’m an idiot. 

Sometimes they don’t even repeat, just flip me their hand as if I’m not worth the time.  

This hearing loss thing’s the pits.

Or, in this case, a pity-party.  But grumpiness is  . . . Read More - "Grumpy"