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10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Person with Hearing Loss



Better Hearing Consumer
By Gael Hannan

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most people say they ignore it.  So does my Hearing Husband – although to be fair, I think  it just takes him by surprise every year on February 13th. To be even fairer, both of us are content with simply wishing each other a happy VD and moving on with our day. But whether or not you pay attention to the recent official day of love, here are a few ways that a ‘hearing’ partner or friend can indicate their love to a person who has hearing loss.

“I Love you.” Saying the words out loud is the simplest way – and of course, you will first get the person’s attention. You will also face them and speak clearly, with a smile in your eyes.

You leave the captioning on at all times, even when the person with hearing loss leaves the room to go to the bathroom. Either that, or you turn it back on at the sound of the first flush.

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