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Help! I’m Losing My Hearing. What Should I Do Now?



Center for Hearing Loss Help
by Neil Bauman, Ph.D.  and Steve Barber
January 12, 2016

A person asked,
I have recently been diagnosed with significant bilateral hearing loss. I will be seeing an audiologist to be fitted with hearing aids for the first time. What do I need to know about hearing loss and hearing aids? As a hard of hearing person, what do you wish people had told you when you were in the same boat?

Excellent questions. You are wise to ask these questions before you go to the audiologist so you are prepared and also have a realistic grasp of what successfully living with a hearing loss is all about.

My friend, Steve Barber, compiled the following and I’m reproducing it here with his permission.

He writes, “Here is my list of things to help someone new to hearing loss:

1.  Vanity and denial are self-inflicted wounds–don’t fall victim. Accept that you have a hearing loss and vow to be the best hard of hearing person you can be.

Read all  1- 18 things that help a person new to hearing loss.