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I No Longer Feel Shame About My Hearing Loss • By Shari Eberts



I don't hide it. I don't avoid talking about it. And now I'm an advocate for people like me.

Good House Keeping
By Shari Eberts
Oct 31, 2015

It's an invisible disability and generally easy to hide, at least physically, so why should I discuss it? That's what I convinced myself. I can hear well enough anyway, most of the time. Don't bring it up. Sound like denial? It was. I was incredibly self-conscious about my hearing loss.

It was an easy pattern to fall into. My father had a hearing loss, but it was never mentioned — a taboo subject, even within our immediate family. His hearing aids were always hidden behind sideburns, grown long for that purpose. I never remember him mentioning his hearing loss, asking for a better seat at the table, or a quieter spot in a restaurant. Often he could be found sitting off by himself at social gatherings. I thought he was shy, but the truth was he probably couldn't hear and didn't want to be embarrassed.

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