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Cheat Sheet for Better Holiday Hearing • By Gael Hannan



Hearing Health Matters
By Gael Hannan

It’s that time of year again—the season of being pummeled with advice on how to survive the holidays. All sorts of issues pop and bloom with the festivities: anxiety and stress, weight problems or financial worries. For me and my people, we have holiday hearing issues that exclude us from what’s going on.

This time of year is particularly tough for those of us who don’t hear very well and who may use hearing aids or cochlear implants. Almost every day, articles appear in our inbox from hearing professionals or other people who have it, telling us how to make the holidays more accessible and meaningful.

But really? All we want for Christmas is to understand what everyone else understands, and to be able to participate in real-time without having to ask for repeats every few seconds.

That’s not easy in a season of low ambient lighting, constant jingly-jangly music, and excited wine-fuelled people talking over each other around a long rectangular dinner table. We fall off the conversation boat and the people we love may not notice. That’s the most painful part of this season of togetherness—being left out.

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