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Woman Jumps From Car, Convinced Deaf Lyft Driver Was Kidnapping Her



New York News •
By Nathan Pemberton
November 2, 2015

After using ride-share service Lyft to catch a lift back to her home in a San Fransisco suburb, a 28-year-old woman became convinced, when the driver detoured from the usual route and refused to acknowledge her increasingly strained pleas to stop the car, that she was being kidnapped. The woman proceeded to jump out of the (unlocked) passenger door, at a stoplight, breaking her ankle as she ran off to alert the police, SFGate reports.

The alleged kidnapper, turns out, was deaf. Lyft, which cultivates a more friendly, down-home reputation than Uber, is known for being a place for hearing-impaired people to find work, since they don't have to talk on the phone.

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