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Shake Out, the World’s Largest Earthquake Drill-October 15th, 10:15am



Next Thursday October 15th at 10:15am is the Shake Out, the World’s Largest Earthquake Drill.

Attached is the flyer and a helpful document of what to do should you experience an earthquake. As earthquakes seem to be more common here in Virginia, I think it is wise to know what to do to maximize safety. I pulled some of the more relevant info from the document and pasted it below. I will send out an email next Thursday at 10:15 to signal the earthquake. Please take the time to participate.

  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),
  • COVER your head and neck with your arms and seek shelter by getting under a sturdy desk or table if nearby; and
  • HOLD ON to your shelter and be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops.

If you are unable to Drop, Cover, and Hold On: If you have difficulty getting safely to the floor on your own, get as low as possible, protect your head and neck, and move away from windows or other items that can fall on you.

In a wheelchair: Lock your wheels and remain seated until the shaking stops. Always protect your head and neck with your arms, a pillow, a book, or whatever is available.

MYTH – Head for the Doorway: An enduring earthquake image of California is a collapsed adobe home with the doorframe as the only standing part. From this came our belief that a doorway is the safest place to be during an earthquake. We now understand that doorways are no stronger than any other part of the house, and do not provide protection from falling or flying objects. You are safer under a table.

DOWNLOAD - ShakeOut_Recommended_Earthquake_Safety_Actions

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