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How to Irritate People (With Your Hearing Loss)



Hearing Health Matters
By Gael Hannan

Some of my personal favorite, sure-fire ways to spark irritation in other people:

  1. Choose not to wear your hearing aids or cochlear implant and then struggle to communicate with someone. I’m giving my ears a break and I want to save money on batteries. But c’mon, talk to me, I can read your lips. (Like this ever works.)
  1. Bluff. Just pretend to understand what’s being said. Nod like a bobble head. Smile vaguely. Use a variety of interested facial expressions that, while they may fool strangers or casual acquaintances into believing you’re with them all the way, to anyone who knows you, it’s clear that you’re in high-performance faking mode.
  1. Repeatedly ask for repeats without doing anything to improve the situation.

What did you do on the weekend?


What did you do on the weekend?


Saturday! Sunday! You!  WHAT?

Well you don’t have to get snippy, I am hard of hearing, y’know.

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