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KSD kids make musical highlighting deaf culture



Thursday, May 14, 2015

A class project has become an opportunity for middle school students at Kentucky School for the Deaf to introduce deaf culture on a wider scale.

The students have created “KSD Middle School Musical,” which follows the story of middle school students Sharpay, Troy, Gabriella and their friends through the halls of KSD, highlighting deaf culture and middle school angst with musical breaks.

“We would really like for the community to see what deaf culture is like. There are some people who aren’t even aware of deaf people, much less the culture,” said Parrie Kay Herring, an eighth-grader who plays the character of Sharpay.

The movie will be shown in two theaters Friday morning at Danville Cinemas 8. It will be free to the public. While the entire movie relies on sign language, it also will be captioned for those who do not know sign language.


Students began the project in January, as part of their arts and humanities classes. The middle school is on a three-year rotation for the class, explained Ann Arnold, a teacher who helped craft the KSD musical. Typically, they do a production, but this year, they wanted to try something a bit different that could incorporate more aspects of technology.


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