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Israeli Rock Star Sings With Hearing Impaired Children



For national hearing day, Shlomi Bracha of Mashina fame performs with children suffering hearing disabilities, in effort to raise awareness.

Arutz Sheva
By Yishai Karov, Ari Yashar
May 27,2015

In time for national hearing day, musician and creator Shlomi Bracha - whoestablished his fame as part of the legendary Israeli rock band Mashina - performed a unique collaboration with children suffering from hearing disabilities.

The children are receiving treatment for their hearing loss by the MICHA Center, which arranged the unique performance with Bracha of the song "Someone Hears Me" by the rock band Eifo Hayeled (lit. "Where Is theKid").

The idea for the joint musical project was brought into being several weeks ago, when members of the NGO MICHA Center asked Bracha to take part in the incentive following his personal familiarity with the group and its work.

Israel's national hearing day is meant to increase awareness regarding the public that suffers from hearing loss, as well as to strengthen efforts for early screening to catch hearing issues and potentially heal them.

Over 10% of the public and a third of those aged over 65 suffer hearing loss, adding to the meaning of the day.

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