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A HoH’s Credo – By Gael Hannan – March 10, 2015




When I was young and went to church more regularly than I do now, I thought the Credo was a nice poem that we recited to express what we were supposed to believe as Canadian Presbyterians.  This Credo was especially helpful, because if you weren’t sure of what you believed, or forgot a detail, you could look it up at the back of the hymn book.

In my last two years of high school I studied Latin, which helped to cement my love of language, as well as raise my grade average (I was good at it).  Even now, that short course of Latin study helps me recognize the Latin roots of many common English words.  For example, ‘pulchritude’, a synonym for loveliness that I’m sure we all use every day, comes from the Latin adjective pulcher (pronounced puhl-ker) which means ‘beautiful’.  (Don’t say you never learn anything in this blog!)

I also learned that credo is an actual Latin word that simply means ‘I believe’, although today it’s used to describe ‘a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions’.

Here is my Credo as a HoH, a person with hearing loss. It’s a work in progress and I invite you suggest other points to add to the list.


Having hearing loss is just one aspect of who I am. It does not define me as a person or confine me to a group.\

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