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How Mobile Phone Compatible Hearing Aids Are Creating A New Market For ‘Hearables’



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Laurel A. Christensen, Ph.D
Updated: 12/29/2014

Advances in healthcare have always gone hand-in-hand with the development of new, effective technologies. From the development and widespread use of the artificial pacemaker to advancements in joint replacement, technology helps people living with severe medical conditions live fuller, more active lives.

"Hearables" -- the next "wearable" health trackers - are the next frontier in the convergence of healthcare and technology.

Why? Because it is time for an update to digital hearing aid technology.

Since the introduction of digital hearing aids in the 1980s, technology has enabled us to make great strides in the industry. First, hearing aids have been miniaturized by smaller platforms and in turn these powerful platforms have enabled sophisticated sound processing algorithms that give the user a more natural listening experience. Further, we have expanded the hearing aid to a complete hearing system that connects wirelessly to accessories that allows improved hearing even in noisy environments and with the TV and telephone.

To go from hearing aid to hearables we now directly connect hearing aids with iOS devices.

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