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Breaking My Own Communication Rules – By Gael Hannan



Better Hearing Consumer
By Gael Hannan

Last week, I flew from San Jose, California, to Ottawa, Ontario, a three-flight trip that was scheduled to take 10 hours.  But because of one delayed departure, the journey ultimately included the three flights, an unexpected hotel layover, lost luggage, a few tears and a total of 28 hours.  And if that’s not bad enough, I also broke a lot of my own communication rules along the way.

My first clue that the trip might be jinxed might have been realizing, as it went through the security scanner, that I’d put the $60 gift bottle of wine in my carry-on bag­.  (This has nothing to do with my hearing loss, just to my stupidity.) Upon confiscation, I suggested they drink it with some nice cheese and crackers because this was no ordinary bottle of plonk.

And so began my day from hell.  There’s no reason to detail the long list of late flights, missed connections, staff that were rude, helpful, bewildered or simply unavailable, or the disappearance of my lovely suede duffel bag into the black hole of LaGuardia airport.  Suffice to say that I spent four hours ping-ponging between three different baggage claim areas, airline counters and many phone calls, trying to find my bag and to get out of New York, neither of which happened that night.  By the time I checked into a nearby hotel for a few hours’ sleep, I was resigned that my bag and I might never meet again.

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