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Wireless and Pacemakers: A Need for Caution



Hearing Health

Let me start by saying that my writing is evolving and becoming more polished, but, I am NOT a technical writer by any means. So, if any of you readers want to add technical information in the comment section, I am all for it! That being said, here we go!

As the world of fitting hearing aids moves toward completely wireless, I wonder how many of us have notes in charts, on programmers, etc., telling us not to use wireless programing and streamers around the necks of patients with pacemakers. A few years ago when streamers and wireless programmers were first coming onto the market we all wondered, how does the signal work?

Yes, it is Bluetooth, but that is only part of the equation with many of the manufacturers. HIMSA reported that the Noah Link had a 15-mm safety margin. A cell phone test conducted at the University of Oklahoma found the emission from the NOAH Link well within the required 6-inch (15 cm) area and less than most cell phones. The NOAH link uses 2400 MHz.

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