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Verizon 911 Texting in Frederick County, Md. to Expand
05/19/2014 05:01 PM
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FREDERICK, Md. - Frederick County, Maryland is the sixth county in the country to implement 911 texting through Verizon, according to local emergency officials. They say they pushed to become one of the first last year and now the four major wireless carriers in the Country made the feature available.

“The Maryland School for the Deaf is located in Fredrick. We have a large population of deaf and hearing impaired so we've felt everyone needs access to 911, so we've been very proactive and been pushing to be a leader in texting 911 to allow everyone that direct access to 911,” said Chip Jewell, director of Frederick County emergency communications.

The Federal Communications Commission said they hope to expand the program once it’s been tested in places like Frederick County. Chip Jewell said he believes the texting systems should be available on all four major wireless carriers by the end of next year.

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