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CCAC -Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning


MILLIONS with hearing loss,
1 IN 5 GLOBALLY, deserve equal rights with quality real time speech to text!


A non-profit organization for captioning inclusion and advocacy. Volunteer members educate and advocate locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Become a CCAC member to share information, inspire others, and advocate together. Almost 50 million citizens in the USA alone deserve equal rights with real time speech to text.

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Contact the CCAC at: or 

The Collaborative for Communication Access
via Captioning is a membership organization
of individuals from many backgrounds
who engage in, support, and work individually and together on advocacy projects to increase access and inclusion for all people through captioning. Established in December 2009, CCAC grew rapidly and became an official non-profit organization in 2012. CCAC manages an active online membership community to share captioning advocacy information from city, state, national and international projects, to create links to other non-profit organizational friends, and to build resources for public distribution. Captioning is missing in too many places it is needed everyday. Collaborations with other organizations are welcome. CCAC also offers a non-profit service online called CaptionMatch for anyone to ask for any sort of captioning needed, to expand advocacy efforts, and to find a provider who meets local needs.


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