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Gael Hannan on the Easy Lessons of Hearing Loss

The Easy Lessons of Hearing Loss
By Gael Hannan, 9/15/2013, Hearing Health Matters

It’s EASY to convince ourselves that we’re doing ‘fine’ with our hearing loss:

That we’re catching most of what’s said,
Well, at least the important stuff – the rest’s not really worth listening to
And no, we don’t intend to do anything about it
Like getting a hearing aid or cochlear implant –
Those are for other people, who have real problems.

It’s EASY to give in to frustration and the emotional roller coaster of hearing loss:

Because nothing has ever prepared us for this –
This…invisible separation…from the life we’re used to,
And the people we were close to.
It’s like standing outside, looking through a window
Rapping on the glass and trying to talk to our family on the inside.
It hurts.

It’s EASY to slip into bad habits of bluffing, of tuning out:

Because we just can’t get what’s being said,
Even though we’re trying so hard to follow.
It makes us tired
And before we even realize it,
We’re nodding and smiling as if we’re totally in the conversation
And we hope no one calls us on it.
Because we would be embarrassed – and they would be irritated.

It’s EASY to blame other people for communication breakdowns:

“They won’t face me, 
They forget all the time, 
They just…they just don’t understand.
Even though I’ve explained it
Over and over again.
I’ve done all I can and now it’s up to them.
Hell, I’m the one with the damn hearing loss!
How about a little consideration?”


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