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Participate in Adult Cochlear Implant Study at NVRC

Adult Cochlear Implant Users Needed for Study on Benefits of Post-Implantation Training

What is the Study's Purpose?

This study is looking at the effectiveness of training for adults who have received cochlear implants.  We would like to determine whether a special training program can help cochlear implant users improve their understanding of speech and communication in daily life.

Who Can Participate?

Participants must be 18 years of age or older, post-lingually deafened (onset of hearing loss after having learned spoken language), fluent in English, and have had their cochlear implant between 3 months and 3 years.


Participating in this study may improve your communication ability, further knowledge in this area, and help determine the best training method for cochlear implant users.

When and Where?

Participation will require 8 weekly visits (90 minutes each) scheduled at your convenience. There will be two follow-up visits; one at 2 months and one at 6 months following the last training session (also running 90 minutes each).

You will be able to participate at one of several Washington Metropolitan area locations including Gallaudet University and George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Some of the training sessions are now available on site at Northern Virginia Resource Center (NVRC) in Fairfax, VA, and at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) National Office, located in Bethesda, Maryland.

To get more information on how to enroll in this study, please contact:

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Boards at Gallaudet University and The George Washington University. Identifying information will be kept confidential

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