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Tomorrow’s ASL Interpreted Productions at Imagination Stage

Imagination Stage Presents:
Wake Up, Brother Bear!
The My First Imagination Stage theatre series offers intimate, interactive performances designed for the very young.  Watch as Brother and Sister Bear experience a full year of glorious seasons. Together we see a waterfall melt, meet a butterfly, chase an elusive fish, and skate on an icy pond. Children are invited to join the action with a small bag of props that help create magical moments. Ages 1-5.

ASL Interpreted Performance: January 12th at 11:45am

 Anime Momotaro

An old couple in ancient Japan long for a child. They have their wish granted when a huge peach floats down the river and breaks open to reveal a baby boy. They name him Momotaro, and he grows up to be the strongest young man in all of Japan. But Momotaro's village has a tiny problem...GIANT OGRES! Ogres have been bullying the villagers for years, and Momotaro decides he must make a stand. With the help of friends-the dog Inu, the monkey Saru, and the bird Kiji-Momotaro meets his foes face-to-face. Performed in the style of popular anime cartoons with traditional Japanese influences, this action-packed staging of Japan's most famous folktale teaches powerful lessons about inner strength and how creativity, kindness, and cooperation win out over brute force. Best for ages 5-10.

ASL Interpreted Performance: February 17th at 4:00pm

For tickets, please call (301) 280-1660 or visit the box office at:

Imagination Stage
908 Auburn Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814

The box office staff is trained to receive calls through relay and VRS.

Access Coordinator:
Elizabeth Broder-Oldach
(301) 280-1627

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