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Participate in New Survey: D/HH/DB GLBT Community

Hello Community Members,

Almost a year ago the first D/HH/DB GLBT Community Forum was held at Gallaudet University. Participants shared their thoughts on the needs and strengths of the DC Metro area's D/HH/DB GLBT community. This valuable insight provided us the information needed to create this online survey. Thank you!

This survey allows us to further triangulate the data we have already gathered and is necessary in gaining statistically valid outcomes. The outcomes will be used to educate the broader DC Metro Area on the needs and wants of the D/HH/DB GLBT community.

Please assist us in passing this survey along and encouraging people to take the survey! 

Click here for the survey:  or cut and paste this link into an email.

The survey is specifically designed for people who:

  • Live in the DC Metro area and
  • Identify as Deaf, Hard of Hearing or DeafBlind (D/HH/DB) and
  • Identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT), Queer or some other place on the GLBT identity spectrum.

Thank you for your support in making this data collection a success!

Again, here is the survey link:

Thank you,

Alex Jackson Nelson
LGBTQA Resource Center - Program Coordinator
MSW Candidate
Gallaudet University