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Texting and Driving: It Can Wait

NVRC applauds AT&T for its commitment to end texting while driving.

AT&T’s goal is to generate a change in thinking and behavior of all wireless users.  You can download AT&T Drive Mode ™, a free mobile app that helps to curb the urge to text while driving.
Here are some statistics about teens and texting from AT&T:
  • 75% of all teens text
  • The number of messages exchanged monthly per teen in 4th quarter of 2011: 3,417 (7 messages per hour)
  • Texting is the #1 mode of communication among teens
  • The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day have been dubbed “100 Deadliest Days” for teens to be on the road
  • 41% of teens are afraid to speak up if they are scared or uncomfortable as a passenger
  • At 65 mph, a car travels the length of a basketball court in a single second
  • Texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds
  • The average weight of a car is 4,000 pounds
Read and print the Fact Sheet about texting and driving targeted for teens at:
Learn more about the dangers of text messaging and driving; download AT&T DriveMode at:
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