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Web-based Auditory Training for Understanding Speech in Noise

Now That Neurotone Has Put Its LACE Listening Training Software Online,There’s No Excuse Not To Use It

From Hearing Mojo, 2/7/2012

Neurotone's LACE Online Auditory Training Software Helps The Brain Learn To Understand Speech In Noise

Have you ever had trouble understanding your dinner partners in a noisy restaurant? Neurotone’s new web version of its popular auditory training software, LACE Online, may be just what you need.

LACE is a proven method of training your brain to better understand speech in challenging listening environments. Now that it’s directly accessible on the web, with an attractive $79 retail price ($59 if you take advantage of the limited time introductory offer), it may be the easiest and least expensive investment you’ll ever make to achieve better hearing.

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